Lost Something?

Think you might have lost an item on one of our transport services? 

Not to worry,  we will be happy to try and reunite you with your belonging(s).  

Found Something?

Found a lost item on one of our services? 

Firstly, thank you for your help. Please hand the item to a member of the Acme Bus Team and we will do our best to get it back to its owner. 

Call us on

01799 542818 or send us an email to enquiries@acme-bus.com  with details of your lost item.

Frequently asked questions

Lost property policies and procedures
What happens to lost property?

Lost property is returned to one of our transport sites. 

If a matching, missing item report has been received we will contact the claimant to check we have found the right owner of the lost belonging.

However, if we have not received a matching missing item report and the item has no identifiable labelling (e.g. name tag). We will:

  • Dispose of anything perishable
  • Bank cash and produce a receipt
  • Destroy bank cards to prevent fraud
  •  Invalidate passports and return them to HM passport office
  • Store item for one month awaiting claim
Collecting and returning lost property

Once an item has been matched to its owner, wherever possible a member of our customer service team will arrange for the item to be handed to passenger’s driver for its safe return to its owner. If this is not possible then we will arrange a suitable time for collection at one of our transport sites. 

What happens to unclaimed items?

If an item is not claimed within 1 month, it becomes the property of Acme Bus Co Ltd. 

After this time we will securely destroy personal data from the item and either:

  • Donate it to charity
  • Take it to be recycled
  • Dispose of or sell the item
Where do I report a lost item?
Call our customer services team on:  01799 542818 or send email to enquiries@acme-bus.com


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