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Route I – Flitch Green to Birchwood – H&E – Hockerill – TBSHS – St Marys – Sept 2023
Zone Inward Journey
Flitch Green 07:25 Flitch Green, Baynard Ave
B 07:32 Great Dunmow High Street, (NW-bound) just before pedestrian traffic lights
B 07:35 Great Dunmow, o/s The Queen Victoria
B 07:40 Little Canfield Hall BS
A 07:42 Takeley, opp Warwick Road
A 07:43 Gt Canfield Road BS
A 07:45 Takeley, opp The Four Ashes
A 07:47 Takeley Street, opp The Green Man
A 07:48 Takeley Street, The Old Mill
  07:58 Birchwood, Shortcroft
  08:05 Herts & Essex / Hockerill, opp Anglo European College
  08:13 The Bishops Stortford High School
  08:28 St Mary’s School
  Return Journey
  15:35 St Mary’s School
  15:40 The Bishop’s Stortford High School
  15:50 Herts & Essex / Hockerill, Dunmow Rd
  15:52 Birchwood, Shortcroft
A 16:02 Takeley Street, The Old Mill
A 16:03 Takeley Street, adj The Green Man
A 16:05 Takeley, The Four Ashes
A 16:07 Gt Canfield Road BS
A 16:08 Takeley, adj Warwick Road
B 16:10 Little Canfield Hall BS
B 16:17 Woodside Way Bus Stop (Tesco)
B 16:18 Great Dunmow, opp The Queen Victoria
B 16:21 Great Dunmow High Street, (SE-bound)
Flitch Green 16:29 Tanton Road
Flitch Green 16:30 Flitch Green, Baynard Ave