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Route A – Takeley to  Birchwood – Sept 2021
Inward Journey
08:05 Takeley, opp Garnetts (Weston Homes)
08:07 Takeley Corner Shop, Opp Four Ashes
08:08 Takeley, opp Warwick Road
08:11 Takeley, opp Canfield Road
08:13 Takeley, opp The Four Ashes
08:15 Church Lane Bus Stop
08:17 Takeley, Takeley Street, The Old Mill
08.30 Birchwood School
Return Journey
15:20 Birchwood School
15:28 Takeley, Takeley Street The Old Mill
15:30 Church Lane Bus Stop
15:35 Takeley Corner Shop, Opp Four Ashes
15:37 Takeley, opp Canfield Road
15:40 Takeley, adj Warwick Road
15:45 Takeley, adj Garnetts (Weston Homes)
15:50 Waltham Hall Farm, Depot Entrance