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Home to School Transport

A full list of schools we operate for can be seen on our School Route Timetables page. 

Acme Bus Co provides Home to School transport for Cambridge, Essex and Hertfordshire Schools, moving over 2,000 passengers a day.

County Entitled Transport

Is your child entitiled to free school transport?

Acme Transport Services is a transport operator that provides school transport via County Council contracts for children who are eligible for county-funded transport.  Learn more at:

Private Tickets

If your child is not entitled to school transport through the council we may be able to offer any unallocated or excess capacity on a private ticket basis.   

You can apply for a private ticket through our online booking and billing system.  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more. 


We have a strict No Pass No Travel policy on all our routes.

Essex and Hertfordshire County Councils issue strict No Pass No Travel policies that are reflected in our own Private Ticket Terms and Conditions.

If your child loses their pass they will need a replacement. Learn more on our  Replacement Bus Pass page.


View current timetables on the new, easy to navigate School Route Timetables page. 

Timetables are reviewed each August to accommodate new load lists for the coming year.  

We recommend that you check your timetable before the start of the new school year and each new term. 

Pick up times

Passengers are required to be at the pickup location at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time. 

Private Tickets Terms and Conditions

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