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Lost Property

What happens to lost property?

Lost property is returned to one of our transport sites. 

If a matching, missing item report has been received we will contact the claimant to check we have found the right owner of the lost belonging.

However, if we have not received a matching missing item report and the item has no identifiable labeling (e.g. name tag). We will:

  • Dispose of anything perishable
  • Bank cash and produce a receipt
  • Destroy bank cards to prevent fraud
  •  Invalidate passports and return them to HM passport office
  • Store item for one month awaiting claim
Collecting and returning lost property

Once an item has been matched to its owner, wherever possible a member of our customer service team will arrange for the item to be handed to passenger’s driver for its safe return to its owner. If this is not possible then we will arrange a suitable time for collection at one of our transport sites. 

What happens to unclaimed items?

If an item is not claimed within 1 month, it becomes the property of Acme Bus Co Ltd. 

After this time we will securely destroy personal data from the item and either:

  • Donate it to charity
  • Take it to be recycled
  • Dispose of or sell the item
Where do I report a lost item?

Telephone, envelope, edit icons

Call the customer services team on: 

01799 542818 or send email to 

School Routes

Can I get free school transport?

You may be eligible for free transport. Find out more at:

We do advise customers to apply for a private ticket space just in case they are not able to get the entitled transport.

Please view our Private Ticket Booking page to apply.

How do I know which stop my child is picked up from?

You will be sent a letter containing all the vital route information. This will contain a timetable, a pass, and your nominated stop.

Visit our School RouteTimetables page to search for a current timetable.

How do I order a replacement bus pass?

Telephone, envelope, edit icons

Call the customer services team on: 

01799 542818

or send email to 

Visit our dedicated Replacement Bus Pass page for more details. 

How do I find out when my bus is due to leave?

Visit our dedicated School Route Timetables page. 

screen shot of timetablesUse the search facility to select and open your route’s timetable where it will list the departure time for your allocated stop.  


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by:

BACS, Cheque, Credit & Debit Card and American Express.

Our address and bank details will be included on your invoice, if you would like to pay by card please call us on 01799542818 and we will be able to do this over the phone.

When do I need to pay for my Private Hire?

For private hire journeys, we require full payment 14 days before the date of travel.

Private Tickets

When does booking for the next school year open?

School Booking opens online in May each year.

Current customers are notified via email and invited to apply for the new academic year.

Remaining customers are eligible to apply 2 weeks later. Notices are made on the website and through updates. 

Am I guaranteed a space?

Unfortunately no, we can not guarantee the space.

As with any mode of transport you are making a reservation. Acme Bus Co will inform you via letter whether or not your space is confirmed. Please note that this normally happens in August.

Do I have to apply for a private ticket every year?

Yes, you must apply for a private ticket every year.

We will keep you informed of when the booking opens via email and on our news and updates.

How much does transport cost?

Tickets are priced annually and vary based on the routing zone.

You can pay in full or for your convenience there is an option to pay in 10 equal monthly instalments.

The first instalment (deposit) is in May 2019 then the next 9 begin from the end of August 2019.

Payments are taken on the last day of each month.

Can I can cancel my school transport?

We understand that circumstances change. If you do not require to travel anymore we ask for one months’ notice of cancellation. Please email with your details. 

How do I apply for a private space on the bus?

Complete an application on our unique Booking and Billing system. 

Visit Private Ticket Booking page.

How does the private ticket scheme work?

Capacity on our home to school routes is reviewed in August as part of the annual routing process. We hold the capacity for a number of private spaces, we make these spaces available to private clients and they are known as Private Tickets

You can make an application for a private ticket throughout the year through our booking and billing system.

The application process is a follows:

  • Capacity is made available on a route.
  • Customer completes an application for a private ticket via our online booking and billing system. 
  • Customer pays a deposit online (this places your name on the reservation list).
  • Confirmation of private ticket and the allocated route will be sent to the customer.
  • Once a place has been confirmed by the routing team your deposit will go towards your annual payment.

Things to note

  • Applications are for a year’s transport. 
  • Tickets are valid for the AM and PM (outward and return) journeys. 
  • The application is a reservation and does not confirm a space.
  • Spaces are confirmed in writing once the full routing takes place at the end of August.  
Can I apply for AM or PM transport only?

You cannot book AM or PM only private ticket spaces.

Private ticket spaces are reserved for both outgoing and return journeys. The place is reserved for your child and cannot be sold to anyone else. This is to ensure continuity of service to you and all our passengers using our service.

This gives your child access to the school bus morning and afternoon regardless of if you use it.  You will know that if an after-school club has to be cancelled your child will be able to get the bus home.  Or if you are unable to get your child to your school that day your child will be able to take the bus in the morning. 


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