Acme Bus Company Announcement

First and foremost, we do hope that you and your families are safe and well at this present time.

We would like to update all our customers on what has been happening behind the scenes at Acme Bus Company in the last few weeks.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and our team of drivers have remained on standby since they last worked on the 20th March 2020.  

We have kept in weekly contact with the drivers to keep them updated and of course make sure they are OK.

At the request of the county councils (ECC, HCC & CCC) we have been asked to remain operational and have vehicles on standby with no clear indication of when or if we would return this term.

As we enter our 8th week of standby and full operational costs, we sympathise that many organisations are furloughing drivers or having to make difficult decisions.

We have been extremely fortunate and have continued to assist with the situation, transporting the children of Key Workers to school each day.

Understandably there are mixed opinions in regards to the children returning and we are following the government guidelines and taking our own initiative wherever we can.

One thing we are certain of is that we will need your support as and when the children return, as the time gets closer it will be apparent in exactly what capacity.

Until then please rest assured that the safety of our passengers and workforce is of the utmost importance.  Our drivers and passenger assistants take great pride in ensuring the safety and happiness of our passengers and will continue to do so when we return.

We thank you for your patience  and support at this time, if you do have a message for your school bus driver you can email us at and we will happily pass on your kind words.

Acme Bus Co Team