Parental Guidance – School Transport and Covid 19

To the children that are travelling from the 1st June.

As we steer closer to some schools officially opening on June 1st 2020 we thought it would be vigilant to explain some of the changes we have been working towards over the last few weeks, and of course how you may be able to assis.

How you can help?

As parents/ guardians you are the people who will best understand your child’s ability to comprehend the need for social distancing (you must remain 2m apart from other children and adults who do not live in the same household).

You will, therefore, need to ensure this takes place through clear instructions issued to your child or provide appropriate levels of supervision whilst waiting for their school transport.

You should also ensure the same standards are met in the afternoons once your child has left the vehicle. Sadly, we cannot allow other parent to collect your children anymore as they are from different households.

How will I know when my child is returning to school?

Please refer to our website for the latest information. We rely on government updates so have to plan following announcements each day. Sometimes the information we are reliant on hasn’t been disclosed. We have been working proactively on the safety of passengers and our team members irrespective of government advice. Currently we are working towards Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children returning on June 1st.

Boarding a service

Our duty is always to protect our passengers and Acme Team members.  To achieve this, we ask that the following is adhered to please.

  •         Please arrive 5 minutes before your service is due to depart. This will allow time to board and of course the correct social distancing etiquette.
  •          Please also queue 2 meters apart
  •          Your child will be allocated the same seat for the entire term.
  •          Please board one passenger at a time. Allowing the other passenger to be seated.
  •          There are specific places for each passenger so that they will be 2m apart
  •          If your child needs assistance with their seatbelt you may go on and help them one adult at a time.
  •          Please board the service from the back to the front one passenger at a time. Please be patient with other passengers.

Leaving a service

  •          Please remain seated so that the driver can leave the service first and stand outside the vehicle doors.
  •          Once the driver has left the vehicle and please leave from the front starting downstairs on the driver’s side on a double decker.  On a single decker or smaller bus please start from the front drivers’ side. Once that side is clear please then please leave the service from the opposite side of the vehicle row by row.
  •          We will assist with getting passengers familiar with this as the weeks go on.


The Covid -19 pandemic has presented us all with a lot of changes.

We understand that passengers may be dubious about returning, from all of us at Acme we will do our utmost to ensure that passengers feel safe. All we ask for in return is that passengers:

  •          Stay in their seats
  •          Adhere to the social Distancing
  •          Do not distract the driver and respect their personal space

We cannot stress enough that our changes will only work if our passengers assist us by adhering to the new guidelines.

Containing the Spread efficiently

  •          All vehicles will be cleaned after the morning Run and on the return in the afternoon
  •          Anyone on the vehicle who sneezes or coughs we ask them to do this into their elbow please

Family symptoms? – What to do

Please do not travel if you are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus.


Our drivers have been given PPE: gloves Masks and a visor.


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