Temporary Timetable

10th May until 1st November 2019

As of the 10th May 2019 until the 1st November 2019, there will be a road closure on Hall Road, Elsenham. This will again disrupt the M3 route to Forest Hall, we have introduced a temporary timetable for this period.  We will notify you of when the service returns to its original service times. 

View the temporary timetable here Route M3 – Forest Hall – Temporary Timetable

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Temporary Timetable – Forest Hall M3 – WM0010 – Sept 2018 – Timetable

Due to scheduled roadworks. 10th May 2019 until the 1st November 2019

Great Dunmow, Gatehouse Villas (Opp) – Forest Hall School
Outward Journey
Temporary New Time /Old Time
07:4508:00Gt Dunmow, Opp Gatehouse Villas Bus Stop
07:4708:02High Street Bus Stop
07:5008:05Gt Dunmow, The Queen Vic Bus Stop
07:5208:07Gt Dunmow, Opp Tesco Bus Stop
07:5608:11Takeley, Opp Warwick Road
08:0008:15Garnetts, Takeley
08:0508:20Molehill Green, Opp Molehill Green Road
08:2508:30Elsenham, Leigh Drive (Opp)
08:3508:35Forest Hall School
Return Journey
Temporary New Time /Old Time
15:3015:30Forest Hall School
15:4515:45Elsenham, Leigh Drive
16:0015:51Molehill Green, Adj Molehill Green Rd
16:0515:53Garnetts, Takeley
16:1015:55Takeley, Adj Warwick Road
16:1815:58Gt Dunmow, Adj Tesco Bus Stop
16:2016:00Gt Dunmow, The Queen Vic Bus Stop
16:2316:02High Street Bus Stop
16:2516:04Gt Dunmow Adj Gatehouse Villas